"Behind The Scenes With Flippy - Part 2"

Hi Rockers,
Hope you all had a great week while keeping out of this summer heat.
So much to get through – so let’s hit it!!

First up I’d like to mention something in relation to my first blog, so after auditions we had this huge cast and crew get together which was loads of fun.
Seriously I’ve never seen so much talent in one room, see that’s the awesome thing about being involved in show biz…you get to share the same passions with new friends.

Did everybody see that incredible segment on Today Tonight Friday December 8th with Normie Rowe talking about being in WWRY??....., it even had snip-its of our cast rehearsing – a great shot of everyone involved!!.
If you missed it, here it is!

Actually here’s a fun suggestion while you’re there why not check out Youtube and see our headlining stars in general – Normie Rowe, Dean Misdale AKA Feminem, in solo form Courtney Murphy, Chris Murphy, but then check out Murphy’s Lore as some of Courtney and Chris’s band members are also in the show.

Also this week, a big thank you to Perth Youth Theatre who put on a special interactive play to raise money for HeartKids – well done guys!.

Our marketing crew are working their magic, two WWRY ads on Nova 93.7, you’ll soon see WWRY posters and flyers appearing around the place.

Now a shout out to everyone who lives south of the river or CBD….have any of you seen buses with our WWRY ad on it?

Some of our cast have but mainly in the city, as for myself I’m yet to see one.
If you do see one take a pic and send through to us. Just like JESS!

 Jess - One of Bohemian Ensemble:)

Jess - One of Bohemian Ensemble:)

Most importantly don’t forget put WWRY tickets in those Christmas stockings and head over to our website to become a Theatre Angel.

Till next week, keep those comments and questions coming, also crank some Queen tunes up in your cars….